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Over the past twenty years Full Effex and Dizstruxshon have been the topic of conversation in many Magazines aimed at the Rave scene. Here are a few of those articles and reviews. Full Effex would like to thank all the contributors, ravers and anyone else who helped write tehse articles..

Dizstruxshon 19th Birthday Party Review


it’s the Doncaster Dome and hundreds of ravers have gathered here to celebrate 18 years of Full Effex parties…

Yes, I’m talking about the Dizstruxshon 19th Birthday!I’d been very excited about going to this event since I hear about what style of music was gonna be played, strictly no cheese J That immediately caught my eye as I prefer my underground harder styles. As I read down the flyer seeing the line up gave me butterflies in my stomach because I knew it was probably the best I’d seen all year! It was the Northern scene needed and Full Effex gave it in style.


The Entrance

This time they changed where you queue up, it was at the front of the Dome and as I made my way through the queue (because I had a queue jumper) the security at the front had it all under control. You went past the first gate when you were told to and then to a table to take out all of your belongings and a member of security checked them, bag, pockets etc. Then entered the Dome, paid at the desk and received a wristband like normal. I paid for my entrance to the after party at Doncaster Warehouse as well so I could get straight in with my wristband. I was looking forward to that as Gary Yanny & Dean were playing there too.


The headliners,

were some of the best hard dance djs around and some that have been doing it from the beginning. I would’ve liked to of seen all the sets but unfortunately there’s only one of me and I loved the main arena too much to leave. I caught the end of Mark EGs set, banging as always, the crowd loved it! With Mc Synergy hosting him, he always gets the crowd going he has the voice for it. He’s different from other MCs and I know some of his lyrics which is always good because I can chant along with him whilst I’m dancingJ.


Next was Scott BBBBrown, always enjoy his set! Was a mixture of Hardcore and gabber and I couldn’t stop dancing, especially with MC space, his lyrics make ya move and shake, going out to the mover and the shaker!! Haha I love it when he’s on the mic, he’s so funny and sounds ace!


Cally and juice put on a wicked set with shocker hosting them. Fire breathers, grinders and stilt walkers adding to the show who were really attractive and some really good tunes played. I like the way they all dress, Cally, Juice Frisky and MC Shocker all have the same sexy punk look which is really effective when they’re on stage. Now Gary Yanny and Dean rocked the place, they were who I was looking forward to seeing on the decks and the impact they had on the crowd was unreal, they really got everyone going. They came all the way from Hamburg and brought The Tunnel sound! Who better to MC for them than PetaPan. I thinks he’s gotta be my favourite MC, he’s got the voice for it, looks kool as on stage and always makes me smile. His lyrics are unique and definitely what I like to hear!


Last but certainly never least the original pioneer of hard dance had his own room, playing non-stop for 3 hours. Every time I went in M-zones room the atmosphere and tunes were ace. Everyone had big cheesy grin on their face whilst banging their shapes out. The only thing was this was right next to main arena and when M-zone had a breakdown in one of his tunes you could hear the bass from main room.


The arenas

The first arena looked amazing, as I entered the Dome looking down on everyone dancing and seeing the décor really made it look something special. It felt like I was walking into a party that was for me, the way Full Effex decorated that room was definitely for all the Dizstruxshon lovers! Not only that room though, the other two arena’s were even better, one of my friends, Karl Low (Northern Alliance) commented; “I walked in completely sober but the décor in the main arena was mind blowing! I stood at the rear looking at the décor and light show for ages. The positioning of each star, drape, huge inflatable, back drop…it felt like rave art at its absolute peak. So much colour and depth of field that made me feel weightless, kinda like being pulled forwards into art. I’d like to thank Stuart for his wisdom/eye for details in rave art and to all the crew that hung it up. Full Effex!


”I couldn’t agree more with Karl however I concentrated more on dancing. I’d also like to mention about the décor in M-zones room which looked wicked, all the drapes darkened the room and made the patterns really stand out. Another thing that caught my eye was the top that M-zone had on, it went really well with the décor :-).


When it got to about 2ish I went outside and had a chat to some friends, some were going to the Warehouse before Dome had finished. I came back into the first arena and Jake Nicholls (Riddler) was on, so I stayed and enjoyed his Gabber set, loved it! Was a great ending to my night as I had danced too hard and my feet were killing.


So after that I made my way home, would of loved to of gone to the warehouse but to be honest there was no need, the night I had at the dome was enough, I really enjoyed it and hope there’s going to be another one very soon J To finish this off I will do it how the Full Effex crew do it…NUFF SED!


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