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The Lists below were populated from the master tapes we hold in our archive. You can ignore the CD1, CD2 CD3, etc headings as they are for our reference back at Full FX HQ. You can select the DJs from each event you wish to purchase, they may be across 2 of the masters but we will remaster into one CD for you, there is no need to purchase the 2 masters they are listed across. Just follow the instructions in the box below and we will do the rest. 


IMPORTANT INFORMATION : All your choices are re-mastered in real time, ie, if it is a TAPE, DAT,NICAM STEREO or CD it will be uploaded to our software and re-mastered to the best quality available. If we are not happy with the quality then you will be informed and offered an alternative, ie, discount or maybe even free download. WE WILL NOT SELL OR SEND YOU POOR QUALITY RECORDINGS. If you are unhappy in any way with our service or want any information regarding your order or any other requests please contact us via the CONTACT FORM and we will do our best to solve any problems ASAP.

It could not be simpler. Below is a spread sheet with information on as to what DATE'S from our ARCHIVE are available on our site right now. Simply use the tabs at the right and bottom to scroll down & across to see the DATE, VENUE & TITLE or scroll across to see what TITLES are available from that date. Make a note of the choices you want then click BUY NOW button to be taken to the next step. 

MIX & MATCH. You can create your own pack 1/2/4/6 etc pack from dates across the years. You are not tied to one specific date. The choice is all yours.

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