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Over the past twenty years Full Effex and Dizstruxshon have been the topic of conversation in many Magazines aimed at the Rave scene. Here are a few of those articles and reviews. Full Effex would like to thank all the contributors, ravers and anyone else who helped write tehse articles..

Dizstruxshon New Years Eve 2004


The New Years Eve saw Dizstruxshon (Diz) back at the mighty Doncaster Dome, which has become the home of Hardcore for the North East!
The first of the early ravers started arriving at the Dome at 7pm, by the time 9pm came and the doors were open the queue was massive! The bouncers were friendly and the door staff efficient which is always a good start to the night. 
When you go to Diz you can always guarantee the place will be rammed full of ravers and people out for a good time - this New Years Eve was no exeption!! Diz has a massive following of dedicated ravers, who really know how to have a good time!
As soon as you walked into the Dome you could see why Full Effex have such a good reputation for production and promotion. This was consistent throughout the whole venue, which was well ventilated with large chill out area's  near each arena, to keep people safe to enjoy their dancing and night as a whole. 
The line-up for Diz was full of well known favourites like: Slipmatt, SY & Unkown, Marc Smith, Topgroove & Clarky with Dizstruxshon favourites Spinner, J Nicholls and Hyperbeatz. The main arena was at its capacity all night, rammed full of 'up for it' party people and like minded ravers going mad to the happy, bouncy & uplifting sounds of modern Hardcore with an old skool flavour! The main arena is huge and has a much desired warehouse feel to it. The promotion and attention to detail was evident with massive aluminous designed backdrops, fluro draping itelligently controlled lighting & laser shows!
The second arena was situated in the Dome itself. This room was hosted by Hanger 13 and TFI, with Simz, Hooley, Scott, Chris Ec, Chris Moon and Quest banging out the tunes.
The Third arena was hosted by UKscene and Quake. UKscene are firmly establishing themselves as the scenes most dedicated promoters of up and coming artists. With rising stars Cyclone & Darkside, The Ethix Boyz, Chief Viper and MC's Nos, Hypervibe & Lox to name a few - the line-up was full of talent. The diversty of the music ranged from Hardcore through to Hard Style. The production of the room was also just as good with photo's and live video feed from throughout the night being projected onto a massive wall at the back of the room. 
The evening as a whole was enjoyed by everyone and was a perfect way to bring in the new year. 
The promoters really did go all out to make the night as enjoyable as possible, the shear quality of production and thought that went into the night was class! 
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