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Having already both established themselves as popular and forward thinking DJ / Producers in their own right, and having already worked for a wide variety of recognised labels and promoters, Fracus & Darwin first teamed up in 2009.

Over the last five years they have produced three critically acclaimed artist albums, as well as countless other popular releases on various leading labels as well as their home imprint 'Hardcore Underground'. They have mixed various compilation albums, and continued to produce music both together and separately for audiences beyond the rave/club scene too, including work for some of the world's biggest gaming companies (Konami, Nintendo, Capcom, Walt Disney to name but a few).

As DJs they have performed for all of the major promoters in their field such as HTID, Fantazia, Slammin' Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Bionic, Ravers Reunited, Vibealite to name but a few, and have also consistently performed internationally all over the world, where the popularity of their music continues to grow.

They have guested multiple times on BBC Radio 1 as well as receiving consistent airplay from relevant shows on the station. They continue to receive support from a wide variety of additional stations / online stations too, as well as from popular YouTube channels, many of whom have helped their tracks reach hundreds of thousands of new listeners.

2014 has already seen the release of their third artist album 'Filth And Dumb Hatred' along with various single releases, a busy DJ diary, and a wide variety of remix work.




Best Breakthrough DJs 2010 (Fracus & Darwin)
Best Podcast 2010
Best Podcast 2011
Best Hardcore Label 2012 (Hardcore Underground)



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