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Words of MC Stafford

"My love for the scene all started out for me in my bedroom at the age of 14 on an old tape deck listening to various tapes from Dizstruxshon, uprising and TFI. I got these where ever I could whether I swapped these with class mates copied or purchased them from rhythm nation. After years of doing this I worked up to buying a set of decks a mixer and a microphone. A pair of Stanton T60’s which a few years later I upgraded to Stanton str8 150s with a Numark dmx06 mixer. This is when I had a dabble at being a DJ and regularly ventured to rhythm nation Doncaster and reflex in Sheffield but decided it wasn’t for me.
At around 17-18 I started to practice constantly adding to my equipment but not really doing much or taking anything seriously it was just for a mess around before or after the raves.
At 19-20 I stepped it up a notch took it a bit serious for the first time and was venturing out to radio shows, at one point even co running online radio stations (vibetek radio & hardcore asylum). I started to meet people within the scene and instead of copying lyrics I liked at house parties I began to write my own.
After requesting for a go in room 2 at the mighty Adelphi a woman called Linzi pace was hosting the Phutura arena at uprising. I then began to do Phutura events up and down the country meeting a lot more contacts and had the privilege to mc for some big names in the scene such as Kurt & joey riot.
Shortly after I was booked for a Phutura event in room 2 again at the mighty uprising this time at the plug uprising vs. Tasty xmas cracker, this is where I met a lot of people and my skills were not quite as shocking.
I met a young man called Simon (Dj Si-anite) who took my number and began to book me for an event called cyber life unfortunately both Phutura and cyber life fizzled out eventually.
I knew I wanted to keep Mcing so I continued writing lyrics, practicing, handing out demos and doing radio shows. An open mic slot in Goole at Rawcus was snapped up and became a new residency.
One night Dj Hooley was booked for Rawcus and brought with him a man named Kirk again Kirk must have seen something in me and the next thing I know I am main stage Dizstruxshon with a residency their for around 2 years. (What an honour) this event is where I met a lot of people including Synergy and Topgroove. This is also where I learnt the most about performing and hosting (Karl space taught me a lot and I hosted the warehouse club industry nights with him performing alongside people like Sam punk and M-zone) I began to write more and more and find my style.
Eventually Dizstruxshon came to a brief end but an event called Phuture beatz sprang to life which was run by synergy along with it another residency at the mighty Doncaster warehouse. Bookings started to become more regular and a slot at future dome lead to a slot main stage at the mighty uprising 18th birthday and subsequently another residency.
I’m still in the studio (when I can) writing lyrics most days on weird places like the bus and hope to perform to the best of my ability for as long as I can.
Now days i have 3 young daughters and a wife so juggking work home life and gigs is always tricky.

My influences: When I was younger I heard E.LL on a Scott majestic set this is what got me into Mcing. Danny was on form the throughout the whole tape just flowing none stop. I also bought a tape from uprising vs. Dizstruxshon I can’t remember the year but DJ spinner mc's Space, Natz and Marcus all 3 absolutely kicking it (the amount of times I fixed it with cello tape was unreal ha-ha)

Met some mad crazy people on my journey some of you have become freinds for life (you know who you are) and ive loved rvery miniute.

Big up to kirk, stu walker, synergy & bri (topgroove) you guys have given me my biggest chances and support and i wont ever forget that.

Most of all big up the ravers if it wasn't for you guys supporting me and the scene in general none of this would be possible. But when i look out and see people saying my lyrics along with me theirs no grater buzz than that so big up!

I’m shit at this stuff so cheers for reading and cheers for the support i get from you guys weather your promoters, artists, ravers, freinds or family it really means the world to me smile emoticon

Rave safe and stay hardcore stafford MC"

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