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2001 - present

DJ IRWIN's first ever set was at DIZSTRUXSHON in our first ever DJ competition and he showed what it takes as he made it to the semi finals. This was also the first ever flyer he was ever on.

Irwin did not win the competition but regularly opened up arena 2 at Dizstruxshon BATHS HALL.

This lead to numerous bookings building a name for himself in the bounce,old skool
Trance and hardcore scene, with appearances at, uprising,magnetic,defiance,generate,the epic bank holidays At the old George and his own event INNOV8 he finally broke through as an established up and coming DJ when he was made it as a residence at TFI from pure to camalots

He then became a residence at retro speck at the kube Wakefield furthering his name as a DIZSTRUXSHON DJ with the famous DJ simz. He also made two appearances in the main arena. 

Holding a job at Rhythm Nation he was in a good position to really start building a DJ career.
Unfortunately in 2005 he had a major motor cross accident and nearly lost his leg which put him out for a number of years.

When he bounced back it was at the Doncaster warehouse where he co ran DNA every Saturday for 4 years. And also was the Saturday boy at Audio Exposure, EH SY !?

He then decided it was time to have a rest buy a house and (GROW UP!)


He has recently come back to what he loves and does best over the last 9 months forming a duo with one of his long time DJ friends DJ HOLTY playing uk hardcore.

We added them to the line up of the last DIZSTRUXSHON déjà vu and what a set it was. 

Gaining a new residencies at PHUTURE BOUNCE and 3quency he has also guest appeared at Back 2 Bounce, The Courtyard, Retribution, Galvanise, Strictly come bouncing, W. Y. T. M, We play hard, Hard vengeance, BYO Reunion and on the awesome HMS messy boat party and many more. Irwin is back !

Vorny helped Irwin rebuild his name taking him under his wing and Introducing him to the new promoters on the scene and the chance to set off where he left off. Vorny and Irwin have DJ'ed with each other for 14 long years and broke through into DIZSTRUXSHON together.

Out of the lime light Irwin holds a good position at a top catalog company. Irwin is focusing on developing within his role to climb as high and professional as he can.

With his son JAY who is now 15 becoming interested in the scene Irwin is keen to learn him everything he knows so one day he to will hopefully become a DIZSTRUXSHON resident too.

"my dream was to be on a flyer and my first one was a DIZSTRUXSHON one, then I wanted the main arena Dome set, which I was lucky enough to accomplish. If it wasn't for Padge I would of never have gone to a rave and not got to know everyone who have became close friends like Hooley, M-zone,Topgroove, Simzy ,DJ Scott, Eruption, synergy, space,OPSHON, Kirk, Natz, and domer (sorry if I have missed anybody) and of course my VORNY AND HOLTY. 


And not forgetting my road trip crew. 


Huge thank you to stu walker who has helped me personally and professionally over the last 14 years its been a pleasure to know you

Bust most of all YOU ! If you did not turn up to events buy, download, share my mix tapes I would be nothing"  

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