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Over the past twenty years Full Effex and Dizstruxshon have been the topic of conversation in many Magazines aimed at the Rave scene. Here are a few of those articles and reviews. Full Effex would like to thank all the contributors, ravers and anyone else who helped write these articles..
Dizstruxshon's 20th Birthday

Every so often the rave scene throws up an event with gargantuan significance. Dizstruxshon were celebrating their 20th year in the hardcore business, which in itself is noteworthy, but this would also be the last Dizstruxshon event ever. MORE

Phuture Beatz 2nd Birthday

25 years entertaining the underground music industry covering just about every genre and spectrum, i was always intrigued to what the famous doncaster warehouse experience was all about, only one way to find out! myself and two mates ventured upon northern journey from nottingham city into unknown territory MORE

Dizstruxshon's 19th Birthday

It’s the Doncaster Dome and hundreds of ravers have gathered here to celebrate 19 years of Full Effex parties…Yes, I’m talking about the Dizstruxshon 19th Birthday party! MORE

Dizstruxshon NYE 2004. 
RavinEye. Issue #14. 2005

This New Years Eve saw Dizstruxshon back at the mighty Doncaster Dome, which has become the home of Hardcore for the North East! MORE

RavinEye. issue 10. 2004

Dizstruxshon, or Diz as it is more affectionately known amongst its loyal fans, is a name that is not as widely known as perhaps slammin vinyl or vibealite, but it is a name that firmly deserves recognition and respect for being the longest running rave without a break in the UK. Solely promoted by Stuart since its birth in May 1992. MORE

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