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1991 - 1994: Early Career - One of the Founders of Underground UK Hard Trance

M-Zones started his DJ career originally playing Italian House Techno which lead to him playing Trance and Hard House in late 1991 at the now legendary Doncaster Warehouse. He quickly built up a good reputation, and was admired for his original track selection and his upfront style. M-Zone was soon well known as an influential figure within the UK and European Hard Trance and Hard House scene. He soon become the main resident DJ at Doncaster Warehouse, and took on managerial roles for organising events and line-ups for the club. As Doncaster Warehouse, events like BYO (Bring Your Own Alcohol) became more popular he started to book the big names of European Hard Trance, the DJ's that were producing the records he played.

1994 - 2000: The Godfather of Hard Trance

The Years 1994 and 1995 where massively monumental years for M-Zone, as he started residences at two of North England's biggest rave events, Dizstruxshon and Uprising. M-Zone was signed to Pirate Records and made his first trance release production. He also introduced the UK to Bonzai Records, by booking they're debut UK Live Performance at the Doncaster Warehouse, and also brought DJ Timo Maas to play in the UK for the first time, who later became a Massive Figure in Trance Scene.
In late 1995, M-Zone founded his own record labels UK44, TYT Records and Forever Forward. And many started to name him as the original creator of the UK Hard Trance Scene. The first releases on his newly started labels were immediate hits in the Hard Trance scene, and where important labels for the next 2 years releasing many of Hard Trance's biggest tracks.

M-Zone was playing at big events and huge clubs in the UK, and regularly jet setting all around Europe and America, promoting the Trance Techno Culture. He played at the World Electronic Music Festival with the worlds biggest names from all the genres, spreading his unique style and passion for hard trance across the World. His largest crowd to date was at Victory in Switzerland where he played to was a massive crowd of 18,000 in one club. Just a few of the names M-Zone has played along side being Carl Cox, Daz Sound, Trevor Rockliffe, Eric Powell, Mario Debelis, DJ Crack, Mark NRG, Timo Maas, West Bam, De Donatis, DJ Thoka, Tom Novy, Marco Baily, Gary D, Tom Wax, Bonzai, DJ Team. He was producing many orginal tracks, and working the other hard trance DJs and producers to create alot of new and different material.
He was also playing at the big underground hard dance event raves organized by uk dance music promoters Helter Skelter, Dreamscape and Northern Compulsion. He met with Mark EG, and inspired him to play Hard Trance.

2000 - Present: Transition to Hardstyle

As the Hard Trance era was coming to an end, M-Zone got more involved as a DJ and producer for the Hard Style genre. M-Zone still plays the odd classic hard trance set, which is very appreciated by his loyal fan base, where he has a reputation of being one of the best Hard Trance DJs to feel and be-able to play and hype the crowd, if a track is only good for 1 minute, that is how long it will be played M-Zone, and plays anthem after anthem, bassline to bassline.

Since then, The UK44 record label has ended, the warehouse closed and M-Zone has launched new projects on his own different record labels including Warning Records. He still proceeds to be one of the forefront DJ and Producer in the Hard Trance and Hardstyle circles and has been responsible for progressing the scene's to where they are today.

To date M-Zones list of achievements is huge, and is still steadily growing. He has had over 170 single releases on his own labels, made around 50 international compilations, and more than 100 original track productions and remixes.

He is currently working with Marcus Keas at Everlasting, were he advises on new releases. M-Zone has always had the ability to stay one step ahead of todays commercial music scene. With his unique style, and talent for spotting and creating original music M-Zone will always be a name to look out for and watch, whatever happens may occur in the future. He is still searching for new material and buy's records, and is helping to progress the scene forward. When he is not out DJing he is in his Studio producing and remixing tracks for his labels and major contracts.



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