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MC Dowling started listening to trance music when he was very young and couldn't get enough of it...

At 7 years of age, He heard his first Hardcore set, DJ SY & MC Storm playing all the classics we all know and love today...

At 15 years of age, He heard a Uprising tape, it was DJ Kenny Sharp & MC Marcus...He played the tape to death and half way through the year in 2005 he began MCing...

As the years went on it became a passion and grew into what it is today!


In 2014 MC Dowling won the Full Effex MC competition. The competition was very tough and Dowling won based on his unique style, lyrics and flow. 


Now a growing member of the Full Effex roster MC Dowling has played at events such as Dizstruxshon, Retro-Spekt, Phuture Beatz and many more. 


In 2015 MC Dowling played on the main stage at the return of Dizstruxshon @ the Dome. He played along side another MC who also reached the final of the MC Competition, MC TMC. They played a back to back set over DJ M-Zone, and what a set it was. 


Dowling is relatively new to the scene and can only improve over time. We believe with his crowd pleasing style, he could well become one of the MC's to watch out for in the future. 

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