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    The official Home of DONCASTER WAREHOUSE The Uks Longest Running Underground Dance Venue : 1988 to Present INFO LINE 01302 579 081 NEXT EVENT IS IN Dioxide 808 HOUSE Mella Dee : All Night Long Event Flyer Dioxide 1/3 Thank you for your continued support over the past 16 months. Our next scheduled event is on Saturday 11th September 2021 (Time 2 Jam) Our office is back open, and we can be contacted on the number at the top of this page, if you require any information or you wish to book our venue for your event or private party please feel free to contact us on our CONTACT PAGE in the menu at the top of this page. Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this difficult time. PLEASE STAY SAFE © 2020 Full Effex Promotions created by Full Effex Development Team

  • EVENTS | Doncaster Warehouse

    Dioxide Buy Your tickets at this link. 808 Right then people were finally back in our home town of Doncaster at the legendary Doncaster Warehouse with a solid line up of local talent, Bringing nothing but pure Tech House & Techno from the North bridge side of town in one of UKs most iconic underground dance music venues.... This time round we are bringing you 2 rooms of music, The Warehouse Presents 808.... The Warehouse (House, Tech House, Techno) Mella Dee-allnightlong Event Flyer store

  • Doncaster Warehouse | TICKETS

    TICKETS for all events are subject to date & time changes due to Government COVID restrictions NEXT EVENT IS IN please choose your tickets here Welcome to our NEW "E" Ticket portal. Its simple, just purchase your required ticket(s) below. you will then be taken to the checkout where you can choose how to pay via paypal or credit, debit card. After puchase is complete your ticket will be displayed on line, print out your ticket with its unique Bar code and reference number, bring along to event (along with your ID if required) and we will have your details ready. Not got a printer , If you recieve your confirmation on your mobile via email , just show the email and code to our receptionist. It will have a unique NUMBER that can only be used once, so never tell anyone your number. All ticket bearers are advised to bring a photo ID to prove ownership and age. Full Effex and The Warehouse do and will operate a NO ID, NO ENTRY policy at our discretion Any person refused entry will not be eligible for a refund after the event.

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  • How do online paper help services better your life?

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