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    Phuture Beatz Ascension We Play Hard Event Flyer Dioxide 4th Birthday Event Flyer Phuture Beatz Ascension 1/7 store

  • Doncaster Warehouse | TICKETS

    TICKETS for all events are subject to date & time changes due to Government COVID restrictions NEXT EVENT IS IN Phuture Beatz Ascension We Play Hard Event Event Flyer Dioxide 4th Birthday Event Flyer Phuture Beatz Ascension 1/7 please choose your tickets here Welcome to our NEW "E" Ticket portal. Its simple, just purchase your required ticket(s) below. you will then be taken to the checkout where you can choose how to pay via paypal or credit, debit card. After puchase is complete your ticket will be displayed on line, print out your ticket with its unique Bar code and reference number, bring along to event (along with your ID if required) and we will have your details ready. Not got a printer , If you recieve your confirmation on your mobile via email , just show the email and code to our receptionist. It will have a unique NUMBER that can only be used once, so never tell anyone your number. All ticket bearers are advised to bring a photo ID to prove ownership and age. Full Effex and The Warehouse do and will operate a NO ID, NO ENTRY policy at our discretion Any person refused entry will not be eligible for a refund after the event.


    The official Home of DONCASTER WAREHOUSE The Uks Longest Running Underground Dance Venue : 1988 to Present INFO LINE 01302 579 081 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE FINAL MONTHS OF 2021. AS EVER WE WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU ALL BACK IN 2022. OUR NEXET EVENT IS ON SATURDAY 5TH FEBRUARY. TICKET AND EVENT INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY SOON. TILL THEN, PLEASE STAY SAFE AND HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR THANK YOU :-) NEXT EVENT IS IN Phuture Beatz Ascension Event Flyer We Play Hard We Play Hard Event Flyer Dioxide 4th Birthday Event Flyer Phuture Beatz Ascension Event Flyer 1/7 COVID PASSPORT REQUIRMENTS TO ENTER A NIGHTCLUB IN THE UK FROM WEDNESDAY 15TH DECEMBER 2021 a person is vaccinated with 2 doses of an approved vaccine (or one of the single-dose Janssen vaccine) ​ they have taken a PCR or rapid lateral flow test within the last 48 hours they are exempt on the basis of an approved medical exemption or clinical trial participation ​ Accepted proof can be any of the following: ​ the NHS COVID Pass an approved international equivalent a valid text or email confirmation of a recent test result ​ YOU MUST TAKE A LATERAL FLOW TEST TEST WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE EVENT STARTING IF YOU HAVE NONE OF THE ABOVE. © 2020 Full Effex Promotions created by Full Effex Development Team

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